TRIPWIRE Pamphlet #2

objetos indispuestos, inauguraciones suspendidas, o finale inevitables para un casi baile

Texts by: Eduardo Rosario, Greta Hartenstein, Ren Ellis Neyra & Tung-Hui Hu

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Tripwire’s 2nd pamphlet showcase’s nibia pastrana santiago‘s performance interventions at and around the Whitney Museum of American Art, in collaboration with Eduardo F. Rosario and Daniela Fabrizi, and with performance photos and scores as well as texts by Ren Ellis Neyra, Tung-Hui Hu, and guest curator Greta Hartenstein. 

pastrana’s practice explores choreography as a demarcation of space, an inherently territorial act. She understands the resulting relationships between choreographer, performer, and audience to be enmeshed in a complex power dynamic—one that, in her work, she relates to the colonial force enacted on Puerto Rico by the United States. Her ongoing practice investigates the history and physical characteristics of San Juan Bay; for the Whitney Biennial, she conducted a similar examination of the Hudson River and the New York waterfront, especially in the area around the Whitney.

Tripwire, San Francisco, US

Maniobra, bahía o el evento coreográfico

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La Práctica, Beta Local, 2016. Este libro presenta ideas, trabajos en curso, procesos e intereses.

La Práctica, Beta Local, 2016. This book contains ideas, works in progress, processes and interests.

La impresora, San Juan, Puerto Rico 

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