cualesquiera, presented at Hidrante 

11/10 -15/11, 2019 

nibia pastrana santiago (PR, 1987) centers her practice on the strategic use of time and space to create choreographic events. Her work experiments with these elements to question notions of territory, fiction, laziness, eroticism, and tourism. Her first solo show presents a selection of works developed from 2013 to the present: lists, videos and photography.

Continuing her research trajectory on laziness, doing nothing, self-erotization, body vandalism and indisposition, two new performances are presented at Hidrante: TTTT: Thank You Tego, Thank You Trisha, 2019 is a reenactment and tribute to Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Tego Calderón and American postmodern choreographer Trisha Brown. 

koreography i will follow you (i love you), 2019 is a durational performance in dialogue with the choreographic legacy of Los Kenton, a Dominican merengue orchestra, language and fatigue. 

performers: Pó Rodil, Ezequiel Díaz, Luis Rivera, and nibia pastrana santiago

cualesquiera (any) content and forms are manifested from the flesh, the tension between anchoring the image that’s been produced and accepting its quality of irremediable oblivion.

photos: Hidrante & Supakid

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