los presidentes pisan, o conmemorando lo invisible, o quiero ser una iconoclasta sexy [the presidents step on, or commemorating the invisible, or I want to be a sexy iconoclast]

A series of  tourist-interventions, aka. body vandalism. 

"Paseo de los Presidentes", or Walkway of the Presidents (translation made by someone that probably also agreed to pay  $987,000 for this monument). Is one of the first stops tourists make when visiting Old San Juan, and its surroundings. These bronze statues face the back of the Capitol and they are shined and cleaned everyday very early in the morning. Usually, there is one policeman on his bike overlooking the presidents until the sun goes down.

There are eight statues, that is, only eight presidents ever visited, (stepped-on) Puerto Rico while in charge. Some of them were only here for 2-hours. Probably to play golf and get money for their election campaign. 

San Juan, 2014

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