fuerzas sutiles 

A large-scale choreographic event at the Isla Grande Airport, San Juan. The performance was repeated 3 consecutives time on the same day (1hr each cylcle). Inside hangar #4 the airstrip and San Bay served as a dynamic backdrop. This work highlights how chance and scale operate as an extended choreographic gesture.

Concept and Choreography: 

nibia pastrana santiago
Soundscape: Eduardo Rosario
Visuals: Sofía Gallisá
Costumes: Agnessanna
Performers: Sylvia Bofill, Yan Collazo, Mulowayi Iyaye Nonó and Jesús "Pito" Miranda

Documentation: Oswaldo Colón

Aeropuerto de Isla Grande San Juan, Puerto Rico 


support by Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, National Endowment for the Arts, Gobierno de Puerto Rico & Art Works. 

images by SupaKid

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