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Inhabiting the Impossible: 

Dance and Experimentation in Puerto Rico 

Artists and scholars celebrate the development, diversity, and ethics of Puerto Rican experimental dance.

This first-of-its-kind book brings together writing by artists and scholars to survey the lively field of Puerto Rican experimental dance across four decades. Originally published as Habitar lo Imposible, the translation in English features essays, artist statements, and interviews plus more than 100 photos of productions, programs, posters, and scores. Throughout, Inhabiting the Impossible provides fresh, invaluable perspectives on experimentation in dance as a sustained practice that has from the start deeply engaged issues of race, gender, sexuality, and politics. The book is also enhanced by a bibliographic section with detailed resources for further study.

Dance scholar Susan Homar was, until her retirement, a professor at Universidad de Puerto Rico.
nibia pastrana santiago is an artist and choreographer based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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