In collaboration with welsh dance artist Siriol Joyner. Our movement research practice has been developed in response to natural landscapes in Wales and Puerto Rico.

Our process is based in a continuos intimate practice of moving, hiking, swiming, giving titles to almost everything that happens and using references from our immediate reality. Inspired by Clarice Lispector's work Agua Viva, DŴR VIVA is an attempt to embody waterscapes, turtle migration paths, and the undercurrent discourses that shape a fragile mirror between our nations neo-colonial positions.

Our work has been possible thanks to our residencies at 2penrhiw, Abercych, Wales (2013) & Hostal Casa Culebra in Culebra, Puerto Rico (2015).

Images from performance at Casa de la Cultura Ruth Hernandez, San Juan & Abercych, Wales.


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